We Need A Jobs Guarantee

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24 Apr 2013

This Government's welfare revolution is in tatters, the Work Programme doesn’t work, Universal Credit is descending into universal chaos and the Chancellor’s last Budget was such a disaster that even more people are now forecast to join the dole queue.

This Government has failed our area for three years, leaving the Rother Valley with nearly 2,500 people unemployed, including 785 young people. This is a jobs crisis that has gone on too long.

We need to get our area working again, that’s why I would like to see the introduction of plans to create fully funded jobs for anyone out of work for more than two years, or one year if they are under 25.

These plans would offer people a real job with real training and real prospects, paid for by taxing bankers' bonuses and restricting pension tax relief for the wealthiest. This would help get 400 people in the Rother Valley into work now.

What we need to bring the welfare bill down is a tough but fair plan to get Britain back to work, not another raid on tax credits from working families.