Anti-social Behaviour Incidents

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29 Apr 2013
A detailed breakdown obtained by Freedom of Information requests and research by the House of Commons Library has revealed new figures which show there were 17,668 anti-social behaviour incidents recorded by the police in Rotherham in 2012.
This means on average there were 69 anti-social behaviour incidents per 1,000 people in Rotherham in 2012.
The figures also paint a revealing picture of the scale of the anti-social behaviour problem at a police force wide area, with South Yorkshire Police recording 88,252 incidents of anti-social behaviour in 2012.
Anti-social behaviour is a serious problem. The Government’s official crime survey has revealed that more than eight out of ten people believe anti-social behaviour has risen in England and Wales in the last 12 months and nearly a third said that they had personally been a victim of yobbish behaviour or had witnessed an event in the last 12 months.
The Government is turning the clock back with their plans to scrap the ASBO and replace it with a weaker power which carries no criminal sanction for a breach. The Government’s community trigger, which demands a response if a person has complained three times just isn’t good enough. People have the right to expect action right away and help to tackle an issue which is a huge worry.