State Opening Of Parliament

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08 May 2013

The State Opening of Parliament took place today, with the Queen’s Speech outlining the Government's legislative programme for the year ahead.

Unfortunately the Speech was another wasted chance with no answers from a tired and failing Government. There was nothing on tackling the crisis in youth unemployment, nothing on living standards at a time when families are seeing energy bills out of reach and nothing on growth despite the economy having grown by just 1% since the spending review.

I would like to have seen a number of bills that would demonstrate that economic recovery should be a priority.

A jobs bill to put in place a compulsory jobs guarantee which would mean a paid job for every adult who is out of work for more than two years. Such a bill would also guarantee a six month paid job for a young person out of work for over a year.

A finance bill to kick-start our economy and help make work pay with a 10p rate of tax, reversing the Government's VAT rise and bringing in a one year national insurance tax break for every small firm which takes on extra workers.

A consumers bill which would take a range of action to demand a better deal for customers, such as creating a new tougher energy watchdog.