A&E Crisis Continues

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05 Jun 2013

The Government is failing to deal with the A&E crisis as statistics show more ambulances are queuing up outside A&E units and more people are waiting longer before being seen.

Nurses are the backbone of our NHS but the Government has failed to grasp the seriousness of its cuts to nursing numbers and the impact they are having on our hospitals. Unfortunately, the results are now becoming all too clear.

However there is also a deeper cause of the A&E crisis too. The Government's devastating cuts to budgets for social care mean fewer older people are getting the help they need to stay healthy and independent in their own homes. Some council leaders warn that care services are close to collapse.

In March the Chancellor clawed back £2 billion from the NHS budget in ‘underspends’ to massage his budget figures. I would like to see the NHS protected from the immediate crisis by investing £1.2 billion of this over the next two years to ease the crisis in social care, tackling a root cause of the pressure on A&E.

For older people, this could make a huge difference by enabling them to stay healthy and independent in their own homes for longer. For example, it could allow for an extra 70 million hours of home care across England over the next two years or provide home care for an extra 65,000 older people each year.

We need to ensure that our NHS is protected and not destroyed by this Government, otherwise A&E waiting times will continue to rise, nursing numbers will continue to plummet, ambulances will continue to be turned away from hospitals and people in the Rother Valley will be the ones to suffer.