Safe In Rotherham Scheme

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25 Jun 2013

The Safe in Rotherham scheme is an initiative of Rotherham Borough Council in partnership with the police, fire service and other organisations.

It is a safety scheme to help vulnerable adults feel safe when they are out and about in the Rotherham area as it identifies a place where help can be found. The person shows staff a Safe in Rotherham key ring or card that they carry, on which there are up to three contact telephone numbers. Staff can then contact one of the numbers and advise the carer or family member or support worker what has happened.

Local businesses, offices or shops can help by signing up to the scheme and displaying the Safe in Rotherham logo poster where it can be seen clearly on their premises.

For further information about joining the scheme either as a business/shop or as a vulnerable adult please e-mail or phone 01709 302800.