Inconvenient GP Surgery Hours

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16 Jul 2013

New published analysis shows that 7.5 million patients think their GP surgery opening hours are inconvenient, 17 per cent of all adults registered with a GP in England.

In addition, almost a third of all patients, 13.5 million, say they would like to be able to book their appointments online, up from 26 per cent in 2009/10. Yet only 3 per cent are normally able to do so.

The figures show that 15 percent, or around 37,000 people, in Rotherham find their local GP opening times inconvenient. 73 percent of these patients want to see their GP surgery’s opening hours extended to include evenings and Saturdays.

Millions of people want to be able to book an appointment with a GP outside of normal working hours. It is hard to take time off during work while many people also have to commute or pick their children up after school. 

The Prime Minister promised he would make it easier for patients to see a GP but the number of patients who say their surgery opening hours are inconvenient is rising and fewer surgeries are now offering evening and weekend appointments. GP surgeries in Rotherham should listen closely to what their patients are saying and offer more flexible opening hours, especially for working people.