Government's Lobbying Bill

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04 Sep 2013

Local charities could have their voices gagged by the Government's Lobbying Bill, with potentially damaging consequences for people in the Rother Valley.

The Bill, which was debated in the House of Commons earlier this week, could make it much more difficult for small charities and local organisations to hold the Government to account for their record, to campaign against their policies and to highlight how these policies have a damaging effect on people.

This Bill would discourage and restrict those who are already working hard to improve their communities. David Cameron came into government claiming to be passionate about building the 'Big Society' but the truth is that this Bill would help destroy what the Prime Minister suggests he wants to encourage.

Small charities do so much to protect and improve the lives of people in our area. This is incredibly important work that has had a real impact and David Cameron should be helping them instead of trying to gag them and tie them up in red tape.

This Bill amounts to a gag on charities and campaigners and is a desperate attempt by the Government to prevent their record and policies from being criticised and scrutinised at a local level.