Fuel Poverty Figures Revealed

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05 Sep 2013

Shocking figures have revealed that over 4,000 households in the Rother Valley are in fuel poverty.

Thousands more are facing a cost of living crisis, at the same time as Britain’s big six energy companies have enjoyed a £3.3 billion uplift in profits since 2010. The average family’s energy bill has increased by more than £300 a year since the last election.

The Prime Minister’s failure to reform Britain’s broken energy market is leaving hard-pressed bill-payers massively out of pocket.

With warnings of more price rises this winter, it’s clearer than ever that the dominance of the energy giants needs to be broken, the public should be protected from being ripped off (including by putting all over-75s on the cheapest tariff) and that a tough new energy watchdog with the power to force energy companies to pass on savings to consumers should be created.