Growing Bills Threaten Local Economy

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09 Oct 2013

Local businesses are finding times tough with bills going up and people working harder to make ends meet. That amounts to a cost of living crisis for people in the Rother Valley and a threat to our local economy.
Businesses repeatedly raise concerns about growing bills, telling me that energy bills are the second largest cost that they face. Local businesses are crucial to Rotherham and I won’t see them left out in the cold by this Government.

Since David Cameron has been in Downing Street prices have risen faster than wages in 38 out of 39 months and energy bills have gone up by almost £300. When the price of energy increases energy companies pass this on but when it drops consumers don’t see their bills fall.
While small businesses struggle to get credit, banker’s bonuses are up 82%. We can only tackle the cost of living crisis by building an economy that works for working people. That is why I am calling on the Prime Minister to take action and freeze our bills now.