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05 Dec 2013

Rethink Mental Illness are campaigning to ensure that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is made fair for people affected by mental health problems. This group of people are substantially disadvantaged by how they are being assessed and many people are found fit to work when they are very unwell.
The interim judgement of a judicial review of the WCA ruled that the current process is putting people with mental health problems at a 'substantial disadvantage'. This is because the process relies on people being able to present information about their own day to day functioning. Rethink Mental Illness support a change for additional medical evidence to be sought on behalf of claimants with mental health problems, if they are unable and fail to provide their own.
A high number of WCA decisions are overturned on appeal, which indicates that the current decision making process fails to accurately determine people's capability to work. Appeals not only cause extreme distress and anxiety to claimants but are also very costly to the taxpayer.
Rethink Mental Illness are campaigning for the Department for Work & Pensions to make changes to the WCA process, so that it is fair for people with mental health problems. I am supporting this campaign and have written to the Work & Pensions Secretary, calling on him to fix the WCA and halt the migration of people from Incapacity Benefit to Employment and Support Allowance or Jobseeker’s Allowance, via the WCA, until changes are made.