Guide For Holding Community Events

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25 Feb 2014

Voluntary and community events are an important part of everyday life that strengthen communities and encourage people to play a more active part in society.

Unfortunately existing event guidance was unclear and inconsistent, often focusing on what people can’t do rather than on what they can. This lack of clear guidance has resulted in a perception that it is somehow impossible to run an event without getting through masses of red tape.

To make it as easy as possible for people to plan and hold community-led events, a new “Can do” guide has been published at

“Can do” has been developed by a range of organisations, both inside and outside government, including the Health and Safety Executive, the Association of British Insurers and PTA UK. Its aim is to bust the myths about what is required and help people to plan and run successful events with a minimum of red tape. Where people are planning a particular event, it also signposts people to relevant specialist advice, such as the Department for Communities and Local Government’s guidance on organising street parties, which has just been updated.