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17 Mar 2014

Many local people have told me they are concerned about the future of health services. The Prime Minister promised he would protect the NHS but worsening patient care and cuts to staffing show that the NHS is not safe in his hands.

Clause 119 of the Government’s Care Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, would give the Government in Westminster the power to go over the heads of local communities and close local hospitals. I voted to reject clause 119 in Parliament last week because local people deserve better.

Communities need to be actively involved in decisions taken on the future of local health facilities. We need to make sure local people have a formal role in drawing up and deciding on proposals for changes to maternity wards, A&E units or any other health service before they get to the consultation stage.

Communities and patients should be given more control over services, ensuring the NHS and the skilled professionals who work in it can focus on what matters: delivering care for you and your family when you need it.