Local Powers Needed

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10 Apr 2014

London and the South East have accounted for 54 per cent of the UK’s economic growth since 2010, whilst over 70 per cent of new jobs have also been located in that region since 2010.

I would like to see the biggest devolution of power to our great towns and cities in 100 years in order to stop England’s regions being left behind. This would at least double the level of funding devolved, handing control of the equivalent of more than £20 billion to city and county regions over the course of a parliament. It would include giving the power to direct investment such as transport and housing, and greater control over skills budgets.

Powers would also be given to lead on delivering the Work Programme, with local knowledge being used to decide which providers to use to get people back to work, as well as ensuring regions benefit directly from the proceeds of growth in their area.