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21 Apr 2014

Victims of crime have for too long lacked confidence in our criminal justice system. There have been many unfortunate examples of innocent people being let down by the justice system. There has to be a better way to ensure victims’ rights are properly protected.

All victims of crime need proper support and this can range from somebody who has had their wallet stolen in the street to a victim of sexual violence who lacks the confidence to report the assault.

The Government isn’t interested in standing up for victims of crime. How could it be when it left the position of Victims’ Commissioner vacant for over a year?

I would like to see a new law to improve our justice system so it works better for witnesses and victims of crime. This new law would transform the way our criminal justice system treats victims and witnesses, guaranteeing victims of crime the ability to hold those responsible to account, and ensuring greater compassion and support in the system

No matter what your experience of the justice system, I would like to hear what Rother Valley constituents think should be included in a future victims’ law. Please e-mail me at