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29 May 2014

All women should be safe, wherever they are, but many of them do not feel safe at work or travelling to work.

Many women work part-time and unsocial hours. Lots more work in retail, the NHS and social care, all areas which have a higher than average risk.

Women who have to work alone, or out in the community face particular risks. The Royal College of Nursing found that 60% of nurses working in the community had been subject to abuse and one in six had been victims of physical attacks. Last year a survey found that nearly 40% of social care workers had been physically attacked and 47% of shop workers reported attacks or assaults at work.

Under this Government, with a Home Secretary who pledged to end violence against women, reports of rape have gone up by 9%, yet the number of cases being passed by the police to the CPS for a decision on prosecution has fallen by a third.

The reasons are clear. Police numbers are being cut by 20% and over 10,000 front-line police officers have already gone. Support services which help to protect women and help them see a case through are being hollowed out.

Women’s safety should be a much higher political priority. Whether we’re at home, at work, or in the street all of us have a right to be free from fear.