Cuts To Disabled Students' Allowance

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11 Jun 2014

This Government has created a black hole in student finances, trebling tuitions fees and creating a funding system that is squandering taxpayers’ money. The result of this is further cuts to their budget.

They have now set out proposals to ‘modernise’ the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA), because the current level of funding is ‘unsustainable’.

Currently, there are 9,185 students in Yorkshire & the Humber receiving DSA, and the National Union of Students (NUS) has warned that their support is at risk following the so-called ‘modernisation’ of this crucial benefit.

The Government's plans for DSA risk reducing the quality of support available to disabled students and leave vast swathes of inefficiency in the system. They should listen to the NUS and think again.

I also have grave concerns that access for disabled students, already disproportionately affected by government cuts, will be hurt. The Government should be delivering equal access for disabled students to higher education. I have written to the Business Secretary to express these concerns.