Double Charging Estate Agents

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18 Jun 2014

The practice of double charging by estate agents involves agents charging both buyers and sellers fees for arranging the sale of the same property.

Everyone has heard horror stories about buying a home, but the kinds of behaviours we are seeing now with fees and charges are fast becoming a nightmare. Charging buyers a fee on top of the price of their new home means they have to offer a lower price to sellers. The only people who do well out of these deals are the agents who get a nice fat fee from billing both the buyer and the seller. Its costs like these that can make it harder for people to get on and up the property ladder.

This week in Parliament I voted to amend the Consumer Rights Bill to end double charging but unfortunately the Government won the vote and continue to turn a blind eye to this issue

Any residents who have been affected by these practices should complain to the Property Ombudsman, so that more evidence can be gathered as to how widespread these kinds of contracts and charges are.
The Property Ombudsman can be contacted by writing to: The Property Ombudsman, Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2BP or by phoning 01722 333306.