PM Can't Be Trusted On NHS

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14 Jul 2014

Last week in Parliament the Prime Minister was caught out using phoney figures to cover up what is really happening to the NHS on his watch. He tried to pretend that average waiting times in A&E had fallen, but the independent and respected House of Commons Library proved that in fact, patients are spending longer in A&E.

He promised that his £3 billion top-down reorganisation would make the NHS better, but on count after count, things are getting worse for patients.

The number of people waiting more than four hours in A&E is at its highest level in a decade. Waiting lists have reached their highest level for six years, whilst the number of people waiting more than six weeks for vital diagnostic tests has more than doubled in a year.

These are shocking statistics for patients, NHS staff and the public who fear the NHS is crumbling before their eyes.

The Prime Minister can try and massage the figures, but his complacent claims contrast starkly with the experience of people’s everyday lives. The truth is that his costly top down reorganisation of the NHS is diverting billions of pounds away from patient care.