Education System Needs To Change

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16 Jul 2014

Our education system needs to change if we are to set all young people up for the future and if we are to build the high skill, high wage economy we need to succeed as a country. We need to offer a clear, high quality vocational route right through education for young people wanting to pursue vocational and technical qualifications.

For young people following the traditional academic route there has for many years been a clear route from age 14 through GCSEs to A-Levels and on to university. However, not enough attention has been paid to the options available to young people who do not go to university. This ‘forgotten 50 per cent’ of young people face a confusing mix of vocational courses, many of which fail to offer progression to good jobs or further study. This is failing young people and holding back businesses that can’t get the skills they need to succeed.

We need to end the culture that says the academic route is always best and vocational skills are second best, with radical reforms to our education and skills system to create a clear route for the forgotten 50 per cent.

We need big reforms, not big spending, to address deep-rooted problems and create an economy that is made by the many, not just a few at the top.