More Homes Face Flooding Risk

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11 Aug 2014

Around five million properties in England, including four million households, are at some risk of flooding from rivers, the sea, or from surface water. The chance of a catastrophic flood happening in England within the next two decades, causing in excess of £10 billion in damage is around a one in ten possibility.

Despite these warnings, the Government has failed to prepare and protect the UK from the increasing scale and impact of climate change, leaving homes and livelihoods vulnerable to future flooding.  

New figures from the Committee on Climate Change show that current Government plans will put an extra 330,000 properties at serious risk from flooding by 2035. On average, that’s over 80,000 new properties at serious risk of flooding every five years.

I would like to see flooding re-prioritised as a core responsibility of Defra, an end to this Government's short-term approach to flood investment, and preventative spending prioritised to save money in the long-term.