Public Recognition Award

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14 Oct 2014

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has recently introduced the 2014 Public Recognition Award.

This Award provides an opportunity for members of the public to nominate individuals and/or teams who have made a real difference in delivering healthcare. Members of the public can nominate health care professionals and/or support staff who they have found to have delivered exceptional services to patients, their families, friends and loved ones.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust provides care and support to patients across Rotherham at locations including; Rotherham Community Health Centre, dedicated specialist centres including Park Rehabilitation Centre and BreathingSpace, Rotherham Hospital and patients’ own homes.

To request a paper nomination form please phone 01709 426460. The form should be completed with as much detail as possible, providing the name of the individual or team and specific examples of your experience. The form should then be returned by e-mail to by 29th October 2014.