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07 Feb 2017

Sir Kevin Barron MP, Sarah Champion MP and John Healey MP, said in response to their legal action against UKIP MEP Jane Collins:

“Today’s judgement at last brings to an end a process to clear our names which has gone on for over two years, delayed and dragged out time again by Jane Collins’ repeated attempts to evade justice.

“She has run out of places to hide and today the judge said in no uncertain terms that her behaviour since proceedings began has been unreasonable and offensive.

“The judge has also noted the impact on each claimant’s reputation was seriously harmful, and each suffered substantial distress as a result of the publication complained of, from the repetition of its gist or sting, and from the cascade of hostile social media response.

“Ms Collins could have admitted her mistake, withdrawn her remarks and apologised to us. Instead, she tried every trick in the book, including the absurd irony of trying, and failing, to seek immunity by hiding behind the EU institutions she is so keen for us to leave behind.

“In this era of so-called ‘post truth politics’, today’s judgement serves as an important reminder that facts matter. Victims of vile crimes should never be treated as political pawns by opportunists trying to make electoral gains from their plight. Jane Collins’ lies have been allowed to run for too long but today the Judge has ruled comprehensively against her.

“We’re very glad to get the full vindication this judgement give us against Jane Collins, and we will continue to get on with the important work of standing up for our constituents in parliament.”