Kevin demands better community work from INEOS

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22 Aug 2017

As many of you will know the energy company INEOS have announced their intention to locate two exploration wells for fracking in Harthill and Woodsetts. This has obviously caused a huge amount of worry in the local community for both villages. I have attended numerous meetings regarding this topic, over the past few weeks, to engage in open discussion with local residents about their concerns. I will continue to do this and I will also be facilitating meetings between residents and agencies, such as the Environment Agency, so that residents can be fully informed of the most recent research on this issue.

INEOS need to do more to engage with the local community, it is not acceptable for people to be in the dark about plans that will affect their lives. It was outrageous that the first time many people in Woodsetts knew about the plan was when court ordered injunction notices were posted around the village. I attended Woodsetts Parish Council meeting on Wednesday night and made it clear to the INEOS representative that this was not acceptable and they must engage in a much more proactive way. I am also in the process of arranging a meeting with their directors to make sure the message is clearly heard at the highest levels within the company. I fully understand that these plans will be causing a huge amount of worry for people in the two villages affected and I will be doing all I can to try and alleviate some of that worry.