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Holderness ward lies in the south west of the Rother Valley. It includes junction 31 of the M1 motorway and contains the villages of Aston and Aughton plus a part of Swallownest.

Rotherham Borough Councillors                           Local Parish Council

Councillor Lyndsay Pitchley                                     Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council
Councillor Chris Robinson
Councillor Gerald Smith

Aston and Aughton

  • Buildings of interest in the village include Aston Manor and an extensive 12th Century church.
  • The villages of Aston and Aughton were recorded in the Domesday Book as "Estone" and "Hacstone", meaning the east farmstead and the oak-tree farmstead respectively.


  • Took its name from the Swallow family who had a farm nearby.
  • Coal mining was the major industry in this area and was largely responsible for its population growth. The nearby Brookhouse Colliery opened in the 19th Century, closing in 1985.