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The Maltby ward lies in the north of the Rother Valley constituency. Maltby itself is a small town where the vast majority of the ward's population lives. Most of this area is rural but sparsely populated, including the small village of Hooton Levitt. 

Rotherham Borough Councillors                Local Town Council and Parish Meeting

Councillor Maggie Godfrey                                       Hooton Levitt Parish Meeting
Councillor Amy Rushforth                                      Maltby Town Council 
Councillor Christine Beaumont

Hooton Levitt

  • Hooton comes from the word Hotone which means 'farmstead on a spur of land'.
  • 'Levitt' is the name of the family who held the lordship of the manor in the Middle Ages. 

  • Maltby has roots dating back to Roman times and is mentioned in the Domesday Book as 'by-malt'. For hundreds of years it was a small farming village
  • The population of Maltby rose massively when the colliery opened in 1907. The colliery was the scene of mass protests during the miners' strike in 1984-85.
  • Roche Abbey, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1147, is just outside Maltby. The Abbey was ruined during the reign of Henry VIII and had its' grounds landscaped by Capability Brown in 1774.
  • The famous Yorkshire and England cricketer Fred Trueman lived in Maltby and went to school in the town.
  • Sandbeck Park is just outside Maltby and is the seat of the Earl of Scarbrough.