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The Sitwell ward lies in the north-west of the Rother Valley. It is a mainly suburban ward covering the neighbourhoods of Whiston and Stag, together with large parts of Broom, Moorgate and Brecks. The south of the ward is rural, is very sparsely populated and includes the hamlets of Morthen, Upper Whiston and Guilthwaite.

Rotherham Borough Councillors                                    Local Parish Council
Councillor Julie Turner                                                Whiston Parish Council
Councillor Allen Cowles
Councillor Chris Middleton


  • A Roman earthworks is reputed to have been sited on Guilthwaite Common, where in the early 19th Century an earthenware jar containing 1600 small Roman coins was found.

  • Whiston's name comes from two Old English words, wite and stan, which mean "the whitestone". This is thought to refer to a nearby quarry where large amounts of white stone were once mined. Witestan is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.
  • In June 2007 part of the village was evacuated because of fears that cracks in the dam at Ulley reservoir could lead to widespread flooding in the valley.
  • The Manorial Barn in Whiston is one of the oldest agricultural buildings in Yorkshire, with some parts of its structure dating back to the 13th Century.